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Friday, January 7, 2011

Dwight Howard Misses Yao

Dwight Howard misses Yao Ming.
Dwight Howard has become one of the most vocal of the NBA superstars.  The proof is in his league leading 11 technical fouls.

But on Friday, Howard was not speaking to or about referrees or coaches.  He was talking about fellow center and currently injured big man Yao Ming. 

"I just want him to get healthy -- that's it," Howard said.  "I think a lot of people try to pressure him to get back as soon as possible. Once you're away from the game for a while, you always try to rush and get back. And I think that's what he did."

"It's tough. He's 7-foot-5 and, you know, he weighs a lot," Howard said. "And it takes a toll on your ankle, your knees and your feet. And just as well as anybody else who plays basketball for a long time, you have to protect your knees, your feet and your ankles. I just hope he gets better. That's it. I love playing against him. He's a great person. So, I just hope he gets better."

While Howard's technicals and powerful dunks get most of the attention, its statements like this that make Howard so easy to like. 
This sort of sincerity between two competitors is good to see and rivals the late 1980's relationship between Los Angeles Lakers guard Magic Johnson and Detroit Pistons guard Isiah Thomas. 
Sure, there really isn't an on court rivalry since Yao has been injured so often, but it is great to see that two players on different teams from different countries care about one another.  They want to see each other do well.  Its great to see that there is a camaraderie not just among teammates, but among colleagues and competitors as well.

Frankly, its refreshing to see how human these professional athletes can be.   
Howard is right.  Its unfortunate we don't get to see more of Yao on the court.  Everyone is being cheated the chance to see these two big men go head-to-head. 
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