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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Michael Vick Is Once Again a Franchise Player

The Philadelphia Eagles have announced that they will
place the "Franchise" tag on quarterback Michael Vick.
Michael Vick's story is well known, so there is no need to hash out the brutal details of his past. 

But what has become relevant over the course of the 2010 NFL season is that Michael Vick has been on the comeback trail both on the field and off.

Now it looks as if the trail has come full circle.

According to ESPN's Adam Schefter, the Philadelphia Eagles plan to place the franchise tag on their superstar quarterback. 

An official signal that Vick has once again become a franchise player. 

Vick regained his pre-conviction form in 2010, showing the flashes of brilliance and escapability that is unparalleled in football.

But Vick also showed improvement as a pocked passer, throwing for 3,018 yards, 21 touchdowns, a 62.6 completion percentage, and a 100.2 quarterback rating, all career highs.

The Eagles have put all of their faith and trust in Vick as placing the vaunted franchise tag on the quarterback all but guarantees that Kevin Kolb is out in Philly. 

But who would've thought that Vick would have ever become a franchise quarterback once again? 

Would you thought it possible that after basically going broke that Vick is once again among the top 5 highest paid quarterbacks in the NFL?

Even if you hate the man for what he did for those animals, this is truly a remarkable story. 

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